IPad Headrest mount, An innovation by Inndise Limited, Keeping every child road-safe

February 12 23:45 2018

There is a reason why it is illegal for a child to travel without being in a safety seat. Safety is of paramount importance for the people we love the most in life, our children.

One of the key causes of accidents involving children is driver distraction. Although it is fun to travel with children. At times, it can be very distracting. Parents try things like playing “I spy”, 20 questions, and a myriad of other games to keep their children entertained while on the road. 

But sometimes parents just need to focus on the task at hand, which is driving safely to the destination.  On road trips, both short and long, it has proved to be extremely helpful to parents.  Favorite films and educational programs can be viewed safely in the back seat. 

The iPad headrest mount enables parents to entertain the children while safely driving about town. This product is made from PU leather and securely holds an iPad so that it doesn’t become a projectile as the result of an accident. The product effectively entertains, educates and informs children while keeping everyone safe.

Customers have been really impressed with the product line. One customer said:

“Best headrest mount I have purchased. Easy to take out or hide the iPad when parking the car. The case protects the iPad at home too! Great price for a great product

Another customer switched from using a DVD player in her car to the iPad Headrest Mount:

“I used to have car DVDs for my lil guy but decided to get something to use “his iPad” with… Yes, it was ours, but he has seemed to use more than my husband and I. This headmount is great. It is very stable and seems secure on the headrest. I reviewed multiple ones before purchasing. I am very happy with my choice. I also like how easy it is to get in and out of the mount, unlike others I tried. The advantage of using an iPad instead of a DVD player is that you don’t have to bother dealing with DVDs and can easily download them. The iPad mount also sits high enough on headrest so that it cannot be kicked. Great Product!!”

iPad Air Model

Inndise Limited started the company to help parents while they were traveling with their children. The founder of Inndise is a mother and grandmother and she just adores her little ones. She found that while heading around town with her grandchildren, that it was just too easy to get distracted. 

The other iPad headrest mounts on the market did not have a secure enough mount to satisfy the need to protect the people most precious to her. 

Inndise was established in 2013 and now sells three key products. The iPad Headrest Mount for Apple’s 1st Generation iPad’s 1 2 3 4, the iPad Air Headrest Mount for the iPad Air 1 and 2 and now a headrest mount for the iPad Mini 1 2 3 4. Inndise sell their products exclusively on Amazon.com.

Inndise Limited’s mission is to help parents by providing quality products that assist them in addressing the challenges of modern life.

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