UNC, A rising star has achieved significant cooperation with the global top two teams

February 12 22:39 2018

After a period of planning and negotiation, UNC and the global team have achieved important strategic cooperation in February; they will work together to promote the use of block-based total chain assets in multiple shared industries and multiple trading platforms. 

One team is “Eastern lion”, from the Asia Pacific region that has produced a brilliant record in marketing over the years,which includes top marketers from Southeast Asia and China. Over the past decade, many systems have been successfully built across multiple industries in the region, successfully planned, packaged and run multiple projects to create brilliant performance. 

The other is the world’s top software development team, made up of top software developers from the United States, Australia and China, who have done well on the Internet for more than 20 years, led the development of the core technologies for projects that create the highest levels of excellence in many areas around the world, and created a series of excellent projects in the smart development systems of European and China cities in recent years. From 2016, the team focused on intelligent + block chains. In the future, we will further develop different application fields of multiple block chains, which will bring more artificial intelligence and more application fields. 

UNC and the above two strength team to achieve strategic cooperation, perfect integration, global distribution, more payments in the future, more landing applications. Multiple areas research and development of block chains. UNC, A rising star, international level top team, strong strong joint, standing on the shoulder of the giant, fly higher, fly farther. A batch of black horses at the block chain is about to rush.

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