Airwheel SR3 Smart Self-Driving Suitcase: Fully Enjoying The Convenience Brought By AI

February 03 07:12 2018
At the 2017 Future of Go Summit, AlphaGo beat Ke Jie, the world No.1 ranked player at the time, in a three-game match. The AI has grabbed the public’s attention and people’s opinions vary toward AI. I think, you just enjoy the convenience brought by AI, like the Airwheel SR3 self-driving luggage.

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AlphaGo is a computer program that plays the board game Go. It was developed by Alphabet Inc.’s Google DeepMind in London. After it beat top ranked player, the AI and deep learning have grabbed the public’s attention. Some believe AI has made many people jobless. Some welcome it as it greatly improves efficiency. I think we can enjoy the technological advancement and a more intelligent life with AI. Airwheel specialises in intelligent travel equipment and portable vehicles to realize an easier and more convenient journey, and you can try the latest product—SR3 auto-following suitcase.

smart autonomous suitcase

Airwheel has cherry-picked the polyester fabric as SR3’s inner, allowing you to put underwear directly with no more worry. The reasonable layout gives you opportunity to arrange the travel items under categories. SR3 hands free suitcase has 30L inner space with the ability to pack your all items easily allowing you to enjoy a pleasant journey. Moreover, with the design of dual-wheel mechanical lock complying with the regulations of TSA, it is applicable to many countries, which prevents damage to the suitcase when there are customs checks. SR3 is also your power bank with the removable

self-following suitcase

Airwheel is the industry leader in the cloud computing image signal processing, sensor multi-signal fusion processing and 5G technology, and autonomous obstacle avoidance, autonomous planning route. SR3 smart luggage can follow you automatically and travel autonomously without bumping into people or objects as the smart sensors can scan and analyse the real-time surrounding info and identify obstacles accurately. What’s more, SR3 and user’s mobile phone will release alarm when it’s separated from the user beyond safe distance, as it is able to sense the distance.

 intelligent auto-following suitcase

Admittedly, the success of Airwheel SR3 intelligent self-driving suitcase is closely related the further development of AI. Airwheel will enhance the overall strength of scientific research and form its unique advantages in the new generation of IT and software, services robot, and other intelligent products.

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