Local Contracting Company Reminds Homeowners to Winterize Plumbing

October 12 18:33 2017

Gary Lightfoot, owner of Lightfoot Mechanical.
Top ranked Lightfoot Mechanical out of Weatherford, Texas is reminding clients and area residents to take steps to winterize their plumbing before cold weather sets in.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

Weatherford, Texas – Each year when the weather begins to change and temperatures drop, homeowners find themselves with a wealth of problems within the home. From heating systems to plumbing, the cold weather can have a profound effect on the operation and cost of home systems. Respected local services company, Lightfoot Mechanical wants to help area residents save on maintenance costs and extend the lifetime of their systems by providing tips to help them maintain and weatherize their systems. The popular company maintains a blog for their customers, where they can pick up tips and techniques for home care and repair.

“Winter is something that people in Texas don’t take as seriously as they should,” says owner Gary Lightfoot. “Because it doesn’t get as cold here as it does in New England or the northern Midwest people forget to winterize their systems. Plumbing systems are particularly susceptible to cold weather and if you don’t take the right steps to prepare for it you can see a lot of costly damage should the temperatures drop.”

He advises routine checks on outdoor systems like faucets and gutters. When the temperatures drop drains and gutters become extremely vulnerable. Not only do these things collect leaves and other debris, but with the added weight of ice and water, the potential is high for them to break of fall. Lightfoot recommends getting out during the fall and cleaning them thoroughly or install gutter guards over them to protect them from the added dirt and debris. When it comes to outdoor faucets, he tells homeowners to replace the older washers on the valves with those that are frost proof.

“These are really quick fixes and something that people can do without much more than a ladder as far as equipment, or if they don’t have the time it’s not that expensive to hire someone else to do it for them,” says Lightfoot. “We are always available to perform checks and routine maintenance.”

In addition to gutters and faucets, Lightfoot Mechanical also advises residents who have older homes to consider insulating their pipes for winter. New homes are built with insulated piping and are most-likely protected from pipe-bursting events. According to Lightfoot, insulting pipes is a good DIY project and is also a fairly inexpensive service that his company also performs. “Cleaning a sump pump pit before winter or insulating pipes ought to be standard routines for older homes. Time-wise it can be a weekend task that homeowners can do for themselves,” he explains.  “Again, if people don’t want to get dirty or they don’t have that kind of time we’re always available to do it. Mostly, I just want to see people get it done. We much prefer doing new home construction than having to charge our neighbors to repair or replace items that could have lasted another five to ten years with proper care.”

The company’s commitment to the community is what has kept them in business since 1983 and cited by clients as providing superior service. They offer NATE certified technicians, shoe covers, 24-hour service and lifetime workmanship guarantees so that their customers know that they are getting the best value for their dollar and high-quality labor.  Lightfoot Mechanical also offers monthly specials and advises residents to check out their website as they change regularly.

For more information, visit: http://www.lightfootmechanical.com

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