Bulk Goods Transportation Now Made Easier With Wind & Waterproof Cargo Containers Introduced by Shanghai Metal Corporation

October 05 11:26 2017
Shanghai Metal Corporation offers a variety of airtight and waterproof cargo containers that can be used for bulk transportation of goods in a safe and efficient manner.

For the global supply chain industry, China based Shanghai Metal Corporation now introduces a wide range of bulk containers. These containers are airtight and waterproof and are meant for a safe and efficient transportation of a variety of goods from one place to another.

According to the spokesperson of the company, the SMC ISO container they supply complies with the T.I.R. requirements and certifications.  The container can be used for the transportation of maximum payloads with a greater efficiency. Available in 20’ and 40’ standard sizes, the containers create the maximum internal space for stacking goods. These containers are designed and manufactured for the carriage of dry goods by road, rail or marine routes. With a remarkable structural strength, the container maintains a weather tight integrity within the temperature range of -30 and 80 degree Celsius.

The spokesperson reveals that the SMC cargo container meets the custom convention of 1972 and all ensuing revisions to date. The containers are supplied with the appropriate and approved plates and markings that can meet the standards in the global logistics industry. All timber components that are exposed are treated with approved insecticides and containers will have appropriate immunization plates. The spokesperson reveals that these containers are meant for the suitable transportation in normal conditions through road, rail or waterways.

Bulk Goods Transportation Now Made Easier With Wind & Waterproof Cargo Containers Introduced by Shanghai Metal Corporation 

In the area of bulk good transportation, the SMC bulk container has its own role and driving the growth of the logistics industry. They have different types of containers, such as side open container, both side open container, double door container, open top container, half height bulk container and so on. The containers are designed with the maximum internal capacity and to keep goods protected from the external environmental elements. The high capacity containers come with robust locking features that ensure the safety of goods transported from one place to another.

One can learn more about these bulk containers by visiting their website http://www.shanghaimetal.com/ISOStandardContainer-122.html.

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